Know Hate

Elie Wiesel warns us:

“You cannot kill a million children and believe that the world goes on as it did before... no you cannot. Therefore the story of the Holocaust must be told. The question before us is, how does this story instruct the future?”

“If we were to hate everyone who made us suffer, we would become a people full of hate. I think this is our defiance; we cannot hate. When we answer to hate not with hate, not with love either but with affirmation of life and fight with hate, simply by shaping our own destiny, telling our tale and becoming the example. Then it creates some meaning which transcends the present, the routine. If there is going to be any hope for the future of preventing other genocides, we must learn to stop hating humans other than our ‘own’ kind, we call ‘Other’.”

‘What is it in the human nature that, we cannot love what we do not know, but hate.”

Thomas Aquinas (St. Thomas)

“Hating is an emotional -psychosocial- disease.
So for those who hate you... Wish them, to get well soon."

Ari Babaknia

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